Is it really September!? Does the Open really start next month!? Yes to both. In August, we got a little taste on how the Open will go down by participating in the WZA Online Challenge. We saw the WZA workouts on 3 consecutive Fridays in August (and into 1st week of Sept). Each Thursday prior to “game-day” we had our Recovery or Prep Workout. We think this format works really well for setting you up for success on Friday. The long sweat, lots of range of motion, and prep-style motor patterns help flush out the week and leave the you feeling like a million bucks. When we don’t know what’s coming on those Friday so it’s best to taper the week in this manner.

Now, we’ve got a full month before we see the Open so let’s chat about what’s going down in September…

But 1st here is a quick reminder about what we tackled in August…we wrapped up our squat cycle, focused on classic Open skills weekly with plenty of exposure to Muscle-Up, Handstand Push-up, Handstand Walk, and Single Arm DB work, and re-tested our benchmarks from April (Cali Love, 1RM Snatch, & 1RM Clean & Jerk).

In September, we’ve got some benchmarks to retest as well, and we will start off with Grace in the first week of the month. We will also see the CFZ Baseline Tests, Fight Gone Bad, and hitting 3RMs for our Front Squat, Push Press, & Deadlift. These are the tests that kicked off the year for us in January, and it couldn’t be a better time to re-test before getting wrapped up in the Open. This will also be the last time we see these benchmarks this year.

In addition, September will continue to highlight at least one “popular” Open skill each week. We’ve noticed a trend of DB work becoming more and more popular in the Open, so expect to be getting very used to the odd objects while still covering down on other Open classes like TTB, MU, Pull-Ups, and…the Thruster.

I hate and love to be the one to tell you this but you will be seeing some variation of the Thruster almost every week. Keep your favorite movements close and keep your least favorite closer ;).

Get ready for an amazing month of workouts.

Let’s Do This!!!

Coach Pete