September was a big month for us and October is going to be even bigger! In October, CFZ faces off with the October Open — 5 weeks to test your fitness through the unknown and unknowable. Before we get there…let’s take a quick look back at our September focus. In September, we retested a few major benchmarks — CFZ Baselines, Fight Gone Bad, and our 3RMs in the Front Squat, Push Press, and Deadlift. We also saw a programming bias laced in through September that slightly angled our workouts a little more toward skills and workout formats that we commonly see in the Open. We got plenty of exposure to pull-ups, double unders, toes to bar, single and double DB movements, HSPUs, ring and bar muscle-ups, and even the HS Walk. Athletes should feel really good going into the open because we touched ‘em all ladies and gents. Lastly, we got re-acquainted with the thruster…all types of thrusters…barbell, dumbbell, and even that pesky wall ball. We know one thing for sure, thrusters are coming.

And with that, let’s talk October. The major focus for CFZ in October will be the successful completion of the October Open. We do have one non-Open benchmark which we get after in the first week of October, Death Row! After hitting Death Row, we will not be seeing too many other tests aside from the Open. Kicking off October 10th and running for 5 consecutive weeks, the Open is upon us a little earlier than usual. But…we just had some great prep! In August and early September, we went through the WZA Online Qualifier. Congrats to Coach Pete and Daniel Pugh for getting your ticket punched to Miami. Can we say CFZ ROAD TRIP!!

The 2019 October Open will go down in the exact same manner. Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday will be training days as normal…very tough and well-rounded workouts. On Thursday, we will see an “Open Prep Day” for 5 weeks. This conditioning is intended as active recovery; however, these workouts can be dosed up very easily…go heavier, go harder, and really push the pace on the bike or rower. On Friday, we get after the Open. The workout will be updated as soon as it’s announced. Depending on how coach decides to run class, it could be either one heat or two heats. But no matter what…it will be a blast! After hitting the Open on Friday, we are back to business on Saturday with hard-hitting workouts. Can’t wait to see what the Open throws our way!

In Heath,

Coach Pete